2008 Toyota Camry Failed NJ State Vehicle Emissions Test

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Hi Austin,

I have a question regarding my new Toyota Camry (2008) I recently asked for motor inspection because I moved to different state (NJ).

My Vehicle Emission Test failed and reason given to me was that my car do not have enough mileage to come up in their system to measure emission (only 2500 miles). Mechanic asked me to complete at least 3500 miles minimum to retest.

I am not sure why they should have failed it and what are the options I have.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hello there Siddharth,

I have never tested the emissions on a vehicle with less than 2 years old, so I am not real sure about their statement of 3500 miles or not…they might be telling you the truth.

Why do you want this test done anyway? If the vehicle runs fine, and the check engine light is NOT illuminated, I would not expect there to be a problem in the first place. The Camry is probably one of the most dependable vehicles on the road…and has been for many years, I would not be concerned about an emissions test. This car should give you years of dependable service, with very little unexpected repairs or break downs.

If you are still concerned or interested in an emissions test, they should be able to inspect your emissions coming from the tailpipe of the vehicle without having to run a full blown “inspection”.

My machine will allow me to test the emissions without recording anything for the state DMV, so I can run a “test…test” on a vehicle first. But again, I think this is really a waste of time at this early stage in the life of this vehicle or any vehicle.


Austin Davis

Reader Comment

I came across your response to a reader e-mail at http://www.myhonestmechanic.com/articles/2008-Toyota-Camry-failed-vehicle-emissions-test.shtml
where you ask the reader why he is wanting an emissions test.

As he stated in his e-mail, he recently moved to New Jersey. New Jersey, like a lot of states in the north east, have mandatory emissions inspections as part of the vehicle registration process.

It’s not a matter of the reader wanting to make sure his new car meets emissions standards as much as it is that he doesn’t want to get ticketed for not having a valid inspection.

My reply

Thanks for your email and the clarification, we do not have that issue here in Texas….yet anyway.


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