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2007 Honda Element

Reader Question: Hello,

I have a brand new 2007 Honda Element and the battery keeps going dead. The dealer shop says they checked it out and everything is fine but it just went dead again last night. What could it be?


Hi Dan,

That is very unusual! I would look things over very carefully at night…looking for anything left ON like

1. Interior dome light

2. Glove box light

3. Trunk/hood light

4. Cellphone charger

5. Any added radio/stereo equipment like CD players, amplifiers, etc.

6. Sit in the vehicle with the key removed from the ignition…do you hear anything running?

If you do not see anything left on, I would go back to the dealership…or go to another Honda dealer and have them recheck the charging system. You do not have to use the dealership where you bough the vehicle for warranty repairs.

You want them to check the following –

1. Load test battery – is the battery defect

2. Check alternator output – is the alternator recharging
the battery 3. Check for a voltage drain – is some electrical component draining power from the battery

Austin Davis

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