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2007 Audi A3 Front Brakes Are Very Noisy

Reader Question

Hi Austin –

I just purchased a brand new 2007 Audi A3 2.0T. The brakes squeak – noticeably – when coming to a full stop. They have done this from the first day I got the car and do so especially when going down a hill and coming to a stop. The service manager at Audi tells me this is normal. I believe that I am being played as the loaner cars that I have had ( same model) do not do this. Nor is this a problem that has been raised in any of the Audi forums.

I would appreciate any advice you might offer. If it is a problem then how best can I approach the service manager –

Thanks so much!


Hello there Chris,

I totally feel your pain here. As I type my 2005 Ford pick up with 25K miles is at the dealership because of VERY squeaky brakes. The brake pads themselves are fine, but they are embarrassing to use! Hahaha

The short version to a very long story. The government and the environmentalists wanted to make sure our brake pads where not hurting the environment with harmful asbestos brake dust, so they banned its use and required a more health friendly ingredient. The new brake ingredients work well, but they can easily get glazed over and form a slick gloss film on the brake pads. This glossy film produces the high pitched squeal you hear.

What can you do about it? Well, since this is a BRAND new car, I would go back to the dealership and ask to talk with the general manager and tell them you feel you are being pushed off….and you KNOW there is a problem. They should be able to warranty the brake pads with no problem at all, and hopefully the next set will not be noisy….or as noisy….or as noisy sooo soon in their lifespan.

Ford is replacing my brake rotors for free, and I am paying for the brake pads…which due to the current mileage of 25K is not under the warranty period anymore. There should be no charges for your replacement.

Have you read my articles on brake noises, just so you know what is happening?

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Austin Davis

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