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2006 Mini Cooper Convertible Review – Picture – Price

Hey Austin – I just had to tell you and your visitors how much fun I am having going topless!

How could life get much better? I drive a 2006 Mini Convertible. Nope, did not get the “S”, this one has more zip than what people realize. My original intention was a having a car that brought back nostalgic moments like that of my high school years and what I got was so much more. Zippi, my name for him, at any given time has had about 6 bolts of fabric, groceries for 30 people, or folding chairs with a folding table. The back seats fold completely down and allow for quite a bit of storage. This surprises many.

Some of the other great features are a sound system that even with all side windows and top rolled down, is crystal clear. With the side windows rolled up – there is very little wind noise and you can hear anyone sitting in the back seat. I’ve got heated seats, heated wipers, the works. My car wasn’t cheap but definitely worth it.

One downfall, if you can consider this a negative is during the summer, I wished there were air conditioned seats like in the new Lexus. They can be a bit warm in a Texas summer. The others are the brake pads, which are BMW (they make the Mini); they put off quite a bit of ‘dust’ so your rims looks dirty a few days after washing. Lastly, the interior room. Now granted, I like not having a “practical car” that becomes the main shuttle express for everyone and his dog.

With the exception of those three things; being able to put the top down, wind in your hair, and motor on down the road – the Mini is definitely worth it!

Just wanted to share this with you…..have a zippy day Austin.

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