2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Brake Pedal Goes To Floor

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My name is Ann.

I feel like my brakes are going when I stop the go down I know that could mean the cylinder is bad, but the repair service says it’s the way they work. I have a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis. Can you give me any info?
Thank You

Hi there Ann

If the brake pedal slowly sinks to the floorboard when you are waiting at a stop light, you probably have a bad brake master cylinder. Check the brake fluid level first, but if the fluid level is ok, your master cylinder is probably at fault.

You can quickly pump the brake pedal a few times (push hard, take your foot off the pedal to let it come back up a little, then push hard again rapidly) to help bring the pressure back up the next time the pedal sinks to the floor.


Austin Davis

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