2006 Honda Odyssey – Engine Makes Clicking Sounds

Reader Question: Hi Austin,

I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey with about 10,000 miles on it. It recently started making clicking sounds as I am accelerating. I took it to Honda and they said the second cylinder is damaged and I will need to replace the whole block.

Their only explanation is that at some point there was no oil in the engine. This is impossible. Do you know of any other reasons that can cause cylinder damage?

Mahalos for your time and I will anxiously wait for your response.



Hey Rob,

That sounds bunk! I would ask to speak with the general manager of the dealership and request another mechanic with more experience looks at it or take it to another Honda dealer for a second opinion. If it ran out of oil, you would have damage to all cylinders, not just one.

I would also expect there to be more symptoms if that was the case too, like smoke out the tailpipe, low or weak compression on that all cylinders or at least that one cylinder in question, and overall poor engine performance do to one cylinder being damaged and not producing power like the others.

Either there is a communication problem with the dealership or they are lost.

There could be a problem with that cylinder or the lifter on that cylinder but I doubt it seriously if YOU are to blame for it. I think you have a warranty claim, which that dealer does not want to submit.

Sometimes a piece of dirt can clog up the lifter and cause that cylinder to make noise or loose compression. A can of “Mystery Marvel Oil” additive purchased from your local auto parts store can remove the dirt and free up the lifter. Do not do this or anything like this until you talk with the dealership. Do not give them ANY reason to not honor your warranty.

Austin Davis

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