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2005 PT Cruiser Noise in Front End of Car When Driving

Reader Question Dear Austin, my question relates to a noise coming from the front end of a 2005 PT Cruiser. It’s not quite a grinding noise, more like the sound of a jet landing.

This noise begins at about 40-45 mph, but the engine rpm’s have no factor in the noise. The noise stays constant as the automatic transmission shifts. However the noise increases as the car brakes, especially if it’s a “hard brake”. The tires aren’t rubbing anywhere, and changes in the road condition also have no effect.

When I rev the engine in “park”, the sound is not there so I’m pretty sure it’s not exhaust related. Could it be a suspension/cv joint issue?

I thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer.



Why hello there Mario,

I would first rule out the possibility of a “rough” tire making the noise. You can move the two front tires to the rear of the vehicle and see if that changes the noise any. If it does, you might have a worn tire that needs replacing or a tire that has worn unevenly and should be rotated and balanced more often. I see more tire noise complaints than anything else in my shop…so rule out the easy/obvious stuff first.


Austin Davis

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  1. Mike says:

    I had this exact same problem on my PT. Same sound exactly. I had to have the lower control arm bushings replaced and that solved the problem

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