2005 Mercury Sable – Car and Steering Wheel Shake While Driving

Reader Question: Last week, I purchased a 2005 Mercury Sable LS 4-door sedan. When I drive and stop it at the traffic, I feel the car and steering wheel shaking a little from side-to-side, as if I am riding on a rock or something bent.

Then when I accelerate up to 70-80, the shaking turns to vibrating steering wheel, and the car is shaking from the rear.

What could be causing this? I was told by Wal-Mart, tires it could be the struts. I said it could not be because the car is new with 67,000 miles on it. I did the bounce test from the rear. The struts seem fine. I have one bad tire that needs to be replaced as well.

My traction control light, ABS light, and Fuller fill cap light is on as well. I have no idea why these lights are illuminating when I turn my headlights on. However, when I turn the headlights off, no dash lights are illuminating.

I tried doing what the manual book said about the gas cap aligning it right and twisting it 1/8 counterclockwise, but the light continues to illuminate.

Why do they make computer modules cars? They are a headache. Because you must take it to a dealership to get it reset if no codes pop up on diagnostic.

Please help as I have a limited warranty, little money and big car payments.


Hey Rambo,

The shaking at stops and at idle could be caused from broken or weak motor mounts. Alternatively, the idle speed is set too low, or the throttle body and idle control motor is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

However, with all those check engine lights on, you need to get the dealership or a trustworthy mechanic to “read the computer codes” and really determine what is going on here.

I would do this first; those lights might be covered under warranty?

On the shaking at freeway speed, it is probably due to your bad tire and or tires that need to be re-balanced.

Here is more about that problem.

I would not replace the struts, as I doubt that is your problem. I have a feeling this car was involved in a wreck, and these items are wreck related.

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Austin Davis

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