2005 Kia Sedona – Noise on The Right Side When I Drive Over a Bump!

Reader Question Austin, we just bought a new 05 Sedona the front end makes a noise when we hit a rough spot in the road, almost sounds like a strut, or from the old school a loose or broken shock, best I can tell it’s coming from the Right side.

However I won’t say for sure, I took it back to the dealer, the lead mechanic listened to how I described the noise, without driving the van he told me they all done that, and we would basically have to live with the noise, and that Kia was working on a solution, it didn’t do it till a we had a couple hundred miles on it, now it’s constant, any advice? Thank You Rad

Hi there Rad,

We had a similar noise on the right side, but mostly at low speeds or while making a hard turn in the parking lot. The dealer replaced the engine mounts, which did fixed the problem. We DO NOT have any other noises and I would not expect there to be any in yours as well. I do not believe a noise in a new car is something you have to live with.

I am not sure if the 05 has the same engine mount issue as our 04 but you might want to ask your dealer, or another one, to take a look at them for you. Our dealer knew exactly what the problem was on a test drive, but to me it did sound like a loose strut mount.

Austin C. Davis

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