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2005 Jeep Cherokee

Reader Question: All the warning lights come on for about 2 seconds when I am driving my 2005 Jeep Cherokee and then everything cuts off for about a second (the dash lights blink and go out). The Jeep drives fine and it had been warmed up for about 5 minutes when this happens.

This just started in December 2006 after a routine check. The radio or disc player and heat were on. The dealer cannot find anything wrong. Do you have any suggestions?


Hey Ben,

Personally, I have not seen this problem in my shop so I do not have first hand experience with it. I would want to check the engine to body grounds, it sound as if there is a loose connection between the BCM – Body Control Module and the body of the vehicle or something wrong with that computer module itself.

Second thing I would want to look at would be the ignition switch, since there is a large amount of electricity going through the switch, which controls dashboard warning lights.

Other than those ideas, I am at a loss as well. Keep me posted will ya? I can upload this to the site and maybe help the next guy with the same problem.

Austin Davis

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