2005 Ford Explorer Dies While Driving

Reader Question: My 2005 Ford Explorer runs great but it does one strange thing. It used to happen every 3 months but now it happens probably every 6 weeks. I will be driving and all of a sudden all my warning lights come on and the SUV dies.

I have to pull over put my hazards on and restart the car – once it starts back up its fine until the next time, it happens. It reminds of a crashing computer that just needs to be rebooted.

Is the problem the car’s computer or is it faulty wiring?




Hi Diana,

I am not sure what to think about this, given the information you supplied. These types of intermittent problems are very tricky to track down and repair, since they rarely present themselves while in the shop and while hooked up to the equipment and a mechanic there to diagnosis it.

I think I would have your mechanic clean the MAF sensor, Mass Air Flow sensor and see what happens. A dirty sensor can cause stalling, and hard starts. All the warning lights might be coming on just because the engine has lost power.

The sensor can be cleaned cheaply and easily and will not hurt anything if that is not the problem. You might notice smoother and quicker starts because of the cleaning, so there might be some benefit regardless of curing the original complaint.

Austin Davis

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