2005 Dodge Neon Won’t Start Just Clicking Noise

Reader Question Hi, I have a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT. When I try to start my car all I get is a clicking sound. Can you tell me what this could possibly be? The lights and the radio are working so I don’t know if it’s the battery or not.



Hey there Darlene

This could be caused by a weak/bad battery or a problem with the starter motor itself. Turn on the headlights and have some one watch them as you start the engine.

If the lights go OUT or almost out when you start the engine, then you most likely have a bad battery or the battery is low on charge OR there is corrosion build up on the battery cable ends.

Make sure the battery cables are clean and tight. You should not be able to move the battery cables on the battery with your bare hands…not easily anyway.

If the battery is original, I would try installing a new battery. If the headlights dim slightly but are still somewhat bright when you try to start the engine, I would suspect there to be a problem with the starter motor, and suggest you seek the help of a mechanic or your dealership, this could be still under warranty.

Austin C. Davis

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