Oldsmobile Alero Check Engine Light On

Reader Question: I drive a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero. My check engine soon light came on. What does this mean?

I only have 70,000 miles on this car. I have never had to do anything but get the oil changed. When I press my brakes, I feel vibration and a humming sound. What does this mean?

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Hey Nita,

That check engine light usually means there is a problem with an emissions control sensor or some other electrical device and your onboard computer has made a note of it.

You might want to open the hood with the engine running and have someone press on the brake pedal while you listen for a possible vacuum leak. Listen for a hissing noise and look for any rubber vacuum hoses that might have come loose or broken causing a vacuum leak.

If you do not see anything obvious, you will need to get your mechanic to “Read the computer codes” and see what the trouble is.

Have you read my article about check engine lights? Here is the link again just in case you missed it.

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Austin Davis

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