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2004 Oldsmobile Alero

Reader Question: Dear Honest Mechanic,

I drive a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero and am having some braking noise. The noise is more of a metallic clicking sound when the brakes are applied.

I took the car to Midas, thinking I need new pads. After their inspection, they said that I needed to have my calipers replaced on the front wheels and to check my warranty as this should be cover. The mechanic said that there is a bulletin out about the calipers on the Aleros.

I took my car to the local dealership, not the dealership where it was purchased as we have recently relocated, and after their inspection, they claim there is no problem with the braking system, the calipers, or the pads.

However, my car is still making the same noise. Do I take the car for a third opinion? I know there is something wrong with brakes. There are several more dealerships in the area that I could visit, and I do not want to let this go until there is a major problem that has to be fixed.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Bambi,

Has anyone driven with you to actually hear the noise you are talking about? That would be the first thing I would do and I would not go back to Midas. If this is a rhythmic clicking type of noise I would inspect the front brake rotors to see if they might be warped. Removing the brake pads and machining or “truing” the brake rotors to make them smooth again is probably in order here.

I would get the mechanic to take a test drive with you (let them drive) and ask them if they feel rotor warp could be the issue.

Usually when brake rotors are severely warped, you can feel a vibration in the brake pedal and the steering wheel at high speeds WHEN you apply heavy braking…try making a panic type of stop at 50MPH (with no one behind you of course) is it a smooth noise free stop or was it kind of shaky?

Here is more about brake rotor warp problems.

Brake Rotor Warp Problems

Austin Davis

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