2004 General Motors Car – Charging System Failure Light Comes On

Reader Question: My charging system failure light comes on after starting my 2004 General Motors Car, mostly in the early morning.

I have had a new alternator put on by the dealership after troubleshooting the problem and just purchased a new battery trying to solve the problem.

After all this, the charging system failure light came on after starting my car.

Do you have any suggestions about what the problem might be?


Hi Nancy,

Usually that light comes on because the alternator is not recharging the battery or there is a cable problem between the alternator and the battery not allowing the electricity to be distributed to the battery from the alternator.

I would double check the new alternator and I will make sure it is working. Then I will make sure the cables from the battery are clean and tight and in good condition from the battery to the alternator.

A loose wire at the alternator connector or dirty battery cable bolt that screws into the battery can cause this type of problem.

You could have been sold a defective alternator, or there could be a gauge problem inside the vehicle?

Austin Davis

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