Chevy Silverado A/C Not Cold At Idle Speeds

Reader Question Hi sir I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado. My A/c is cold when the vehicle is in motion but when stop and idol the a/c gets warm.

I have taken it back to the dealership and they told me everything is fine. Why does the a/c get warm when I am idling? Otherwise the a/c works fine when driving. Is this an air flow problem? and how can I correct it?

Thanks, Jeff

Howdy Jeff

Few things come to mind here:

1. If you have an electric cooling fan in front of you’re a/c condenser up near the radiator…is it working with the engine on at idle? If you don’t have an electric fan, you will have just the standard fan blade and fan clutch…if so, can you feel it sucking air onto the engine, or is it just slowly turning and not drawing air across the radiator and condenser?

2. Is the engine running hot? Low on coolant? If the engine is overheating the a/c will not perform well

3. Is the a/c system low on Freon? It can be just a tad low and cool ok on the freeway and not so hot days, but will not cool well on HOT days at idle

4. Is the a/c compressor running at idle? Can you see the a/c compressor clutch click on and off as it engages the fan belt?


Austin Davis

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