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Reader Question: Hallo,

I own a 2003 Toyota Echo. The paint finish still looks excellent for a 4-year-old car but because I am very particular, I like to wash the vehicle as often as possible, weather permitting here in Ontario, Canada.

I have not tried Maguiers waxes and polishes yet, but with spring approaching I like the thought of making the car look even better.

Last summer I used Mother’s which I was quite pleased with, but it lacked that something!

What product would you recommend?

I hear so many good things about Maguiers.

Your feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.


Hey Eric,

First off, I am not an “expert” in paint finishes, but I have used many. Maquiers is good wax, and worth recommending for sure. Have you tried 5 Star Shine?

To be honest, I have not used the product on my new cars but on one of my cars a few years ago, it worked great. It produces a deep mirror shine and you do not have to “wax” as often as with other waxes, you can use plain tap water for the most part. It is a little more expensive, but I really liked what it did to my finish.

Here is the sales pitch page if you are interested in learning more about it.

Best Car Wax Polish

You might also talk to your local body shop and see if they will sell you some of the professional strength polishes they use. I was at the Houston Car Show a few weeks ago and one of the detail guys who was in charge of keeping the cars shiny and clean told me he was using a 5 Star Shine type of product.

Austin Davis

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