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My check engine light came on a few weeks ago. I took it to my normal repair shop and was told the computer data said it was the catalytic converter. I was told however that sometimes the computer reads this wrong and just needs to be reset, which is less expensive.

If after the reset, the light comes on again, it really is the catalytic converter. My question – does this sound right? And if yes, what type of price range should I be looking at? My car is a 2003 Toyota Camry.

Thank you


Howdy Diane

Yes, I concur with that recommendation. As far as the price is concerned, we do not do exhaust work at my shop, we would send you to a local exhaust/muffler shop to have the catalytic converter replaced.

I would recommend you call your Toyota dealership service department because some converters carry a much longer warranty than other parts on the vehicle…it COULD be covered under Toyota’s extended warranty.

If I had to guess at a price at a local muffler shop, I would say about $270-325 parts and labor. That of course will be an aftermarket converter, not a genuine Toyota part…but that is fine, in my book anyway.

Although I SELDOM see problems with the converter though…and even more seldom a problem with a Toyota converter, so you might want to get a second opinion on the check engine light before you run out and replace the converter. Just because the check engine light came back on does not mean the converter is at fault, the light can come on for MANY reasons.


Austin Davis

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