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2003 Mini Cooper S

Reader Question: Hi Mr. Davis,

I attempted to install a 15% reduction pulley on my 2003 Mini Cooper S yesterday. I carefully followed the installation instructions, but after completing the installation and putting everything back together, I cannot start the car.

The dash/engine lights come on, but nothing cranks and there is no sound whatsoever when the ignition key is turned.

Do you have any idea what I may have done to cause this?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide for me! BTW…I got a great rate on my auto insurance from your site. The quote is attached Thanks!


Hey Mike,

I am not very familiar with the Cooper yet, and not 100% sure if your pulley installation caused any harm or not. It sounds like you do not have battery power…correct? Turn on the headlights, if the headlights are not working, triple check the battery cable installation and check all fuses. You might want to put a battery charger on the battery just to rule out a fluke dead battery.

I would also make sure you did not remove or loosen any engine to chassis grounds. Not being familiar with the Cooper I do not know where the grounds are located, but sometimes they bolt on to an alternator bracket and then to the body of the vehicle.

Start at the battery, charge it if you need to and then follow the battery cables from the battery to the engine and starter looking for anything that got pinched or is loose. This is probably a simple repair.

BTW, you could probably cut your auto insurance costs by an additional 30% if you raised your deductible to $1,000. You really do not want to make a claim for less than that amount, to prevent rate increases or being dropped by the carrier.

The money you will save on your rate you can put in a mutual fund growing at 12% and can then use it in emergency, as you need it. You only pay the deductible amount when the accident claim is paid by YOUR insurance.

Austin Davis

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