Hyundai Elantra Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough

Reader Question Hey Austin

I have a question for you would sure appreciate a good answer before i drop $1000 on a repair I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra it has 63,000 miles lately the air conditioner has been blowing warm air – but it only does this when the temperature outside goes above about 75 degrees otherwise it works fine.

The Hyundai dealer auto mechanic first told me that it was some switch that needed to be fixed – that would have been covered by my warranty but when I went back again, they told me that there was some sort of problem with my a/c’s thermostat and to replace that would be 1200$ they are giving me a ‘deal’ for 1000$is this a good deal?

Does this sound like a proper diagnosis? price?

Any advice?


be blessed


Hey Ben,

I would recommend you get another option from another shop. This could be something as simple as just needing a small amount of Freon in the system. I am assuming the thermostat they are talking about is the thermostatic switch inside the passenger dashboard area of the vehicle on the evaporator core.

This switch COULD be causing the problem, since it does turn the compressor on and off as it senses the inside temperature of the vehicle. These parts don’t fail very often though.

If that is the same part they are talking about….seems a little high to me, but I personally have not replaced one on your vehicle so it might be a bigger job than what I imagine it to be. I would bet most of the repair bill is comprised of labor charges to remove the dashboard.

In any case, I would get another option ( do not mention what the dealer found to the new mechanic, let them start from scratch and come up with their own diagnosis) from a reputable shop in your area who is air conditioning and Hyundai experienced.

The new Freon is so cheap, I would probably have someone add a can to the system just as a test before I spent $1000!


Austin Davis

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