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Reader Question: Austin,

I stumbled onto your site this morning for the first time. Your enthusiasm for the Alldata manual caused me to go to their site and start to order a manual for my 2003 Honda Acura CL that I recently purchased.

I have three driving age children so I have a “fleet” of used cars in the driveway to maintain. I have always used Chilton or Haynes to help me do the routine stuff. I am no mechanic, but can do my own oil changes and disc brake pad replacement, spark plugs, etc.

When I clicked on my car, their site said that the product was not available because Honda Acura forbids them from providing repair information.

What is the deal?


Hey Mike,

Some manufacturers as Honda and Toyota recently won a court case that made their service information proprietary and off limits to the aftermarket industry like Alldata, Chilton, and Motors manuals.

I think you can order a Honda service manual from the dealership but not very sure how in-depth they are or how much they cost.

Austin Davis

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