2003 Dodge Dakota AC Blower High Speed Only

Reader Question: Austin,

Thanks for taking the time to review my question. I hope you can enlighten me on the problem.

A friend has a 2003 Dodge Dakota. He called me this afternoon and told me that his AC only comes on in the when the fan is in the highest setting. Immediately, I thought it might be the switch. However, after researching it, I am learning that pressure in the system may also dictate if it will work.

Would the fan come on, regardless on pressure in the system? I would assume (and I use that word very cautiously), that the fan should at least work in the lower settings, but not blow cold air.

Am I right in this assumption?

Thanks again for all your help.


Howdy Ed,

If I hear you correctly, the AC blower fan only works in the High-speed setting. If this is correct, he probably has a bad AC blower resistor. You can buy one from the dealership and ask them for a blow up of the location under the dash so you can replace it yourself.

Sorry, I do not have a diagram of it to send you, but a good parts man at the dealer will do it for you if you buy the part from them. I think the dealer is the only place you can buy it anyway.

Austin Davis

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