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2002 Volkswagen Passat Engine Problem – Does Not Go Faster and Makes Weird Noise

Reader Question Hello,

I have a problem with my car. I have a 2002 Volkswagen Passat with 77,000 miles. One day my check engine light came on, I ignored it and kept on with my life. Then one day while I was driving my oil light came on. It said on my dashboard, “Oil Pressure Please See Manual” and in big letters, it said STOP, repeatedly.

I added oil but the problem went on for like an hour or so until I went home. As I was driving when I was stepping on the gas, it would not go faster. It was making this weird noise underneath my car. As soon as I went to my driveway, my car shut off. Next morning, I tried to start and it went on for like two minutes and shut off again. Please advice me.




Since you had the red oil light come on, and there was engine noise…and you continued to drive the car I would highly suggest you do not try to start the engine again and call a tow truck and take the car to mechanic who is experienced in VW engine repair.

I kinda suspect you have a serious engine problem from what you mentioned in your email. What I do not want to see you do is go to a shop that is not competent in repairing this vehicle.

So find a good VW mechanic or go see the dealer…but DO NOT try to drive or start this engine.

Austin Davis

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