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2002 Lexus ES300

Reader Question: Hi,

I am about to buy another car. I found a steal, I thought in a 2002 Lexus ES300 with approximately 77500 miles. It gave off heavy exhaust fumes the first time I cranked it and today when I cranked it again at the dealership, it gave off some profuse exhaust fumes but then in both situations it subsided and virtually went away.

I do not want to buy a car that has serious engine problems. The car is valued by Kelly BlueBook to be around $17,000 but they selling it to me as a repo @ $11,999. I know that sounds to good to be true so I want to know am I being deceived by the dealership.

I like everything else about the car and I am going to buy an extended maintenance warranty with it that will likely cover any engine problems but I do not these to happen right away.

Thanks again for your help.


Hey Cris,

To be on the safe side I would have the dealership run an emissions test on the exhaust system. In Texas, and most states the vehicle must pass an emissions test to get a State Safety Inspection sticker. Those tests will smell the exhaust system exhaust and show up on the print out if there is a problem.

So, I would have the dealership perform this emissions/safety test and issue you a new windshield sticker. If it passes, you are probably ok, if it fails…run away. If they do not want to run the test…run away.

I would also drive the vehicle extensively over a weekend or one day as a LOANER car before I paid them anything. If the check engine light comes on…run away.

Austin Davis

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