2002 Honda Accord Engine Over Heats After 10 Minutes of Driving

Reader Question I have a 2002 Honda Accord that the engine seems to run hot after driving about 10 minutes. I had the thermostat and radiator replaced and the cooling fan is working properly as far as I can tell, what else should I look for?

Hey There Chuck,

I ALWAYS start an overheating complaint with a cooling system pressure test, which pumps air into your radiator and checks the system for leaks. I hope you already had this simple and inexpensive test preformed.

Double check for a kink or restriction in the radiator hoses, see if you can visually see coolant circulating inside the radiator with the radiator cap off, use a laser heat gun to check all these areas and see if there is a restriction. Also make sure the engine is actually overheating and you don’t have a gauge problem! The laser heat gun can really be a great asset to help you determine if the engine is really HOT or not. 210 degrees Fahrenheit is normal; anything much more than that could indicate a problem.

Are you SURE you got a NEW radiator and not a freshly painted used one or your old one that has been flushed and cleaned up to appear new? Sometimes people install junk yard parts thinking they got a “new part” but in reality they got another radiator with the same mileage and same amount of years of abuse as their original part.

You have never mentioned anything about the engine running bad, white smoke or steam out the tailpipe, water in the engine oil or a check engine light on; all of which are symptoms of a head gasket leak or some other internal engine damage. The pressure test should help to rule out this possibility.

I really hope you can find a mechanic to troubleshoot this for you before you spend more time and money.

Austin Davis

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