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2002 Chevrolet Astro AWD Van

Reader Question: Hi,

Thanks for your time.

I am considering buying a used 2002 Chevrolet Astro AWD Van for work. It seems clean, except that the muffler and exhaust are rusted and there seems to be an excessive amount of water in the muffler.

This is in Denver, and it does get cold and snowy. Is this normal, or cause for concern?

Thanks again.


Hey Leo,

First off, let me say I am NOT a big fan of the Chevrolet Astro Van. I have seen MANY of them with problems.

1. The main “Spyder” fuel injector – they leak and cause a slow to start problem – Cost $900

2. AC compressor failures – cost $1,000

3. Premature transmission failure cost $1,900

The water or condensation from the muffler could be normal, depending on if the engine was at normal operating temperature, how long the engine has been driven and was there enough time to fully dry out the exhaust system.

It is not uncommon for cold start-ups to produce condensation and it takes some time to blow it out of the exhaust.

If you are really serious about buying this vehicle, you might want to consider getting a cooling system pressure test and an engine compression test.

Here is a great used car checklist you can print out and take to your mechanic for inspection before you buy.

Used Car List

Also, the rear end of this vehicle is fairly light…and might not be fun to drive in snow or ice conditions.

I prefer a Ford 1/2 ton van with a 6-cylinder engine as a good economical work van.

Austin Davis

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