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2002 Acura Shakes When Engine RPM gets High Between 3000 and 4000

Reader Question Hello Mr. Davis.

I have Acura 2002 with 93 K miles on it. It runs perfect and there is nothing wrong with it. But recently when I start to run my car, It shakes a little bit. I have noticed the my RPM goes to 3 or 4 and car shakes a bit and then as soon as it changes the gear, Car is runs fine. Don’t know what is wrong with it. I have heard about you and was wondering if you can tell me why all this happening and what i need to get fixed?

Thank You


Hello there Kamran,

Does the engine shake when the RPM is at 3,000 -4,000 or is it the vehicle body that is shaking…like maybe from worn out motor mounts? Can you make the engine shake while you are in DRIVE gear but your foot is on the BRAKE while the other foot is giving gas until you reach 3,000 RPM?

If you can make the problem happen doing this you might have an engine misfire, maybe a bad spark plug or spark plug wires…or maybe you have worn out motor mounts and the engine is actually moving up and down.

I will sometimes put the transmission in DRIVE with my foot on the brake and the other foot I am pushing the accelerator then let off then push the accelerator while someone is watching the engine. If the engine moves A LOT up and down while you are doing this, you probably need new motor mounts. The engine should move a little as you do that, but should probably not rise more than an inch each time you mash down on the accelerator pedal.

Let me know what you find out.


Austin Davis

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