2001 Toyota Rav 4 – Front End Alignment Problem?

Reader Question My daughter drives a 2001 Toyota RAV4. Friday she cut a curb too close and I think she hit a storm drain cover that was jutting out. The right front tire blew out and the rim had a cut place in it.

A local tire company put on a new tire and indicated on the invoice that they also balanced the tires. The only problem is that the steering wheel is not straight. If I put it in the straight position, the car veers to the right (the same side as the blown out tire).

Do I need to go back to the tire company and ask them to do a front end alignment, or so you think something else is causing the crooked steering wheel?

Thanks for your advice…I’m a single mom and do not understand cars!


Hi Susan,

Yes you should have a front end alignment done after this incident. If the impact was significant enough to blow out the tire and damage the rim I would suspect there could be some damage to the front suspension causing the pull when you straighten out the steering wheel.

I have seen in a few cases the tire itself cause the steering wheel to be off center, so if the front end checks out ok after the alignment have them swap the left and right front tires and see if the problem goes away.

I always recommend getting a front end alignment anytime you replace the front tires.

Austin Davis

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