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Pontiac Grand Am Check Engine Light Comes On

Reader Question I have a 2001 Pontiac grand am. They say I need to have the gas vacuum hose replaced and that is what is causing my engine light to come on.

I just had it in for replacement of electrical sensor chip and 3 hours of diagnostics to find this out. Why didn’t the diagnostics show the hose problem at the same time? Am I just getting ripped off?

Hey there Cheryl
Sometimes it takes much longer to diagnose certain problems….especially check engine light issues. The “computer diagnosis” just tells the mechanic what the onboard computer system sees as a problem….then it is up to the mechanic to trace down the problem which is where the real expertise comes in to play. I am not sure what electrical sensor you were wanting to replace….there are MANY on the vehicle.

3 hours would probably be on the high end of time needed to properly diagnose a weird electrical problem….you might see if they can discount the rest of the repair installation time or on the part itself to help offset some of that 3 hour charge.

Make sure your invoice shows what they actually DID and that is states that the complaint was “to turn off check engine light” and you have warranty if the light comes back on…..which is what I would hate to happen to you (the light come back on and you get billed MORE). Make sure you have it in writing that what they did will fix your complaint.


Austin Davis

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