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2001 Mazda MPV Utility Vehicle

Reader Question: The parking light on my 2001 Mazda MPV will not go off. I think it possibly has something to do with the alarm wiring. The light that stays on is dimmer than that of my actual parking light setting.

The only way I can turn it off is by pulling out the fuse in the driver’s side panel that is assigned to position 13, which is for the room – interior lights, lift gate lights.

The fuse is a rating 10A and when it is out, the power door locks, alarm/remote entry, clock, interior lights do not work but the headlights, highlights, parking lights etc., do work.

That leads me to believe that the problem with the light staying on has to have something to do with the alarm connections since the fuse does not affect my headlights. The fuse is not blown – I checked it and even tried using another same rated fuse in its place and the problem still occurs.

Is this something that I can fix easily? Or, do I need to take it in? Does it sound like an expensive problem? Is it electrical?

Please, any information that you can give me will be extremely appreciated!



Hey Wade,

I am not familiar with your alarm system. However, you might have a problem with the alarm OR you might have a bad headlight switch, which is not shutting off electricity to the park lights.

You might want to visit your local MAZDA dealership parts department and ask them if they have had problems like this with the headlight switches on the MPV.

The parts guys usually do not mind helping out the DIY person if they know you will buy the part from them so they get the commission.

Austin Davis

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