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2001 Mazda Millenia

Reader Question: I have a 2001 Mazda Millenia. Recently, when I got into the car, the steering column (which is adjustable) moved on its own, right on top of my legs!

The switch for moving it up and down no longer does anything. It is hard to drive with the wheel so low.

What can I do?


Hey Scott,

That is not fun! Ha. Actually I have not seen this complaint before, I would assume (guess) that the problem lies with the control switch. I would recommend you take this to the dealership because the steering column and air bag will likely have to be removed.

Most of the smaller shops will not work on steering columns because they are complex and are a liability with the chance of an air bag deployment.

Some of these models have a “remember” selection which will lower the steering wheel to your last saved location when you start the engine…make sure this feature is not activated and the steering wheel is actually doing what it is told to do.

There might be something about this feature in your owner’s manual…or you might want to make a trip to your dealership service department and ask them to check this feature for you. I have it on my Lexus, and I can disable it.

Austin Davis

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