2001 Hyundai Sonata Ran Out Of Engine Oil – Warning Light Came On


We own a 2001 Hyndai Sonata. We were past due on our oil change (5900 miles since last change)when the oil light went on. We checked the oil and it was barely reading on the stick. It was scheduled for a 60k tune-up within a couple days so we just added some oil.

The tune-up and oil change was finished today. My mechanic said there are no signs of a leak. There are no oil stains in our garage, no oil smell from the engine and no smoke from the tail pipe.

Is it possible that when I had the oil changed last (Walmart) they didn’t add enough oil? They did not fill my other fluids like they were supposed to. Also, how many qts of oil are remaining when the oil light comes on?

Thanks a bunch!

Hey Anna

Engine oil is slowly being consumed (burned) by the engine and is emitted out the tailpipe with the exhaust. You will not notice this because it is so slight, but 5800 miles PAST due…that is very dangerous.

Bad things are forming inside your engine and irreversible damage is going to occur if that happens often. I would consider yourself VERY lucky that you do not have any internal engine damage. But I would NOT let it happen again, change the oil and the filter every 3,000 miles!

When the oil light comes on…..it is at the breaking point of sever damage…how much oil is still in the engine….I don’t know, but not enough!

Usually when the red light comes on…..the damage is already done. The light is like an after affect.


Austin C. Davis

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