2001 Honda Passport – Gas Gauge Does Not Work

Reader Question: The gas gauge of my 2001 Honda Passport does not work properly. When I fill the tank, the gas light and check engine light do not illuminate.

Approximately 80 miles into usage, the fuel light starts blinking, and the check engine light goes on. Could this be the fuel float? I am trying to get my emissions test done. However, I have been told vehicles past 1997 with check engine light on will automatically be declined.

That being said, what if I took it in during that pre 80-mile duration?

Please forward your best suggestion.


Hi Elizabeth,

Personally, I have not seen this issue with the Honda Passport. I would first start by reading the onboard computer codes and go from there.

I would ASSUME you probably have a fuel level sensor problem inside the fuel tank and it is sending the wrong data to the computer. I have not experienced this problem, but I would visit in person the Honda dealership parts department and ask them if there is a separate sensor for the fuel level indicator.

The parts department guys are usually very helpful to the DYI person, since they get a commission on the parts they sell it’s in their interest to assist you and sell you the parts you need. They also see many unique problems like this, and I would not be surprised if one of the parts guys knows what it takes to repair it.

This part might be part of the whole fuel pump and fuel sending unit assembly. If it is, and it is very expensive you might want to call around to a few junk yards in your area and see if you can buy a used one.

Austin Davis

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