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2001 Honda Odyssey

Reader Question: I have 2001 Honda Odyssey, which I jump started accidentally in the wrong polarity.

I placed a new battery but it still does not start (no juice at all).

What could it be?



Hey Helen,

Usually SERIOUS damage occurs to computers, alternators, fuses, and fuse panels, etc., etc., etc. when this happens.

I would start with checking the fuses first, hopefully a blown fuse saved any sensitive electrical components. If they appear to be in good working order I would have it towed to the dealership or someplace that is competent in diagnosing this type of problem, which might not be easy to do and might require hours of diagnostic time if wires have been burnt or melted.

Your insurance company MAY pay for some of the damage, it might be worth a call if you get a large repair bill quote.

Austin Davis

Reader follow up

Austin, it had a blown fuse…..and so far that is all we can find that is damaged. Thankfully!

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