2001 Dodge Neon Engine Overheated Now Will Not Start

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Hi my name is Maria and I have a 2001 Dodge Neon, the car won’t start I here the clicking sound. When I put water into the radiator the water comes out from somewhere don’t know where, but somewhere on the side. WHEN THE CAR BROKE DOWN IT OVERHEATED. Any suggestions?

Hello Maria

If it overheated and you continued to drive the car with the engine overheated, there is a good chance some internal damage has taken place. I would recommend you find a reliable and HONEST mechanic and have them take a look at this. You might consider the dealership, at least to get them to diagnose the problem, then you can get the repairs done somewhere else.

These engines are very fragile and the head gaskets can fail pretty easily if the engine overheats. This COULD be a very expensive repair, so make sure you get a proper diagnosis from a trustworthy mechanic to begin with.

I would first start with a cooling system pressure test, and if there is no coolant/water inside the engine then I would check the electrical system…battery, alternator, and starter to see why you are only getting a clicking noise.

It could be due to a weak battery, bad battery connection or a bad starter…OR there is water inside the engine and internal damage from overheating has occurred.

Keep me posted will ya?


Austin Davis

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