2001 Dodge Caravan Power Window Won’t Work

Reader Question: Good afternoon,

How can I know, if the power window on my 2001 Dodge Caravan are working proper? How do I know if I should purchase the engine modem or the power control in the driver side on my car?

The actual power window work some time in that side only the rest of the windows work proper with no issues.

How can I save money, what part should I buy to correct this problem?


Hey Miguel,

That can be tricky to determine sometimes. If the window only works part of the time from the door the window is located and you have the same problem sometimes with the master driver door switch you probably have a weak motor in that door.

There are electric motors in each door for each window. Next time it does not work, try holding the switch down as you bang on the lower to middle inside part of the door panel with your fist.

You might also want to try this shade tree test for electric windows.

Shade Tree Test for Electric Windows

Austin Davis

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  1. steve trufano says:

    thanks for the great advice.

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