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2001 Chevy Lumina Steering Wheel Shakes and Vibrates at Idle

Reader Question Good day to you and happy New Year Davis I have LUMINA 2001 140000 Km the ATM oil mixed with coolant the problem was in the radiator ,Repaired and I changed the ATM oil 3 times with the new filter, is this suffices? start the engine shifting OK but there is vibration when ATM at Park potion I feel The body and the steering vibrate while acceleration is this normal?
Pls. advise & let me now.

Hey there Mukhtar,

If you have a vibration that you can feel (and see steering wheel shaking) in park I would suspect a problem with one of the following.

1. You have a transmission mount or a motor mount that is worn or broken

2. The throttle body and or idle control motor is dirty and needs to be cleaned to help smooth out the idle speed

3. The base idle speed is set too low and needs to be adjusted

4. There is a vacuum leak somewhere under the hood causing the vibration/rough idle. Look for anything that might have come loose or has broken off under the hood, and listen for a hissing noise under the hood with the engine running. Check all rubber and hard plastic hose connections.


Austin Davis

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