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2000 Toyota Camry

Reader Question: Hello Sir,

I have bought 2000 Toyota Camry in Toronto with 133000 km, 4 doors 4 cylinders auto power.

Now whenever I drive, on reaching about 20 to 30 kilometers speed, it slips/jerk every time.

Please let me know what it is. I checked the transmission oil is red and clear, no blackish material and level of oil is ok. There is no leak at the bottom.

Is this total transmission damaged? Do I need to replace the clutch?

3-it is normal.

Kindly let me know. What should I do and how much it is going to cost? I do not have any warranty.


Hey Nazar,

Check the transmission fluid LEVEL first and top off as needed, low fluid levels can cause the transmission to slip. If the fluid is full, I would suggest you get a mechanic to take a drive around the block with you and give you their opinion.

You might have transmission failure but then again worn out spark plug wires can cause an engine misfire which can mimic transmission problems.

I hope that there is a trust worthy mechanic in your area that can take a free test drive with you and give you some good information.

Austin Davis

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