2000 Saturn SC1 Coupe Idle Speed Revs Too High

Reader Question: Hi there,

I have a 2000 Saturn SC1 Coupe – 5-speed manual – often when I am driving along, my car starts revving quite high. Normally idles low, but all of a sudden, it kicks up to three and the only way to stop it is to shut off the engine.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.



Hi there Alynne,

I would assume you have a problem with the idle speed control motor itself or the throttle position sensor. You did not mention anything about a check engine light coming on, or any other running issue, which is a little odd. I would expect the engine light to come on if any one of these components had an issue.

You better get the dealer or someone who is trained with Saturn to check into this. However, unless it acts up in the shop with some equipment hooked up to it, it might be very difficult to diagnose. If you are ready to take a guess at something, I would replace the idle speed control motor.

We do not see very many of these vehicles in our shop, so I would recommend the dealership for this repair because they might have already seen this issue before which will save you a lot of time and frustration dealing with a shop that has to start from scratch and catch it in the act.

Keep me posted, will ya?

Austin Davis

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  1. Robert Cook says:

    I have the exact same car, except mine is automatic. And it has done the same thing to me. It doesn’t do it all the time, plus it would have a hard time shifting from 3rd to 4th gear.

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