2000 Reno Clio – Gray Smoke Out The Exhaust System

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Hi Austin,

I read a number of articles about smoking exhausts, but would still like your opinion. I’ve just bought a Reno Clio (2000 reg) from an old lady, drove it away, but when I got on the motorway (around 70) the exhaust began to smoke-was a grayish colour-it stopped after about 20 miles.

My dad thinks it prob just needed a good run-do you think he is correct?

Thanks so much,


Hey there Heather,

Your dad could be right, but if the smoke comes back I would check the coolant level inside the radiator, and if it is low I would get your mechanic to do a cooling system pressure test to see if there is an internal coolant leak inside the engine. This is a simple and cheap test that can be done while you wait.

Make sure to tell the mechanic about the grayish smoke…which could be a sign of a head gasket or some other type of internal coolant leak inside the engine.

If by chance they do suspect a head gasket type of leak, try using this cheap over the counter additive before you spend any big bucks on the repair.
Head Gasket Sealer

and here
Engine Over Heating


Austin Davis

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