2000 Plymouth Voyager A/C Defroster Not Working

Reader Question: Good morning young man,

We have a 2000 Plymouth Voyager SE with about 100,000 miles and running good. I need some help with this.

When I switch the heating controls from floor to defrost to vent, there is no different sound coming from the unit. Most controls there will be a 2-second silent and then you will hear the cabin/air sound because you switched.

Defrost is not working that well either. Somewhat hard to drive in the winters (PA) when you are scraping off the ice from your side and front windows.

Thanks for any help in advance.


Hi David,

This could be a problem with the dash control switch or with the diverter blend door motor in the dash. The blend or diverter door is what moves and directs the airflow from the blower motor in the dash to the desired vent location.

I think your bend door motors are on the driver side near the gas pedal, buried under the dashboard. With the engine running, you can operate the controls and see if the little motor is operating the plunger or shaft that will move the blend door.

If you do not see the motor operate, you have a control problem of a blend door motor that is bad. If you can see the motor operate and the shaft moves but you do no hear a change in airflow, you might have a problem with the blend door itself.

I have seen the little plastic door break off from the motor, so the motor works but is not moving anything anymore.

Austin Davis

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