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Nissan Lima Altima Service Soon Light Is On

Reader Question I have a Nissan Lima 2000 (Altima) the radio wouldn’t shut off and now today the service light came on we took it the Nissan dealer and they ran it on the computer and it told them it was, trace vehicle down to wiring between ecm and pu rge valve and so they said they really didn’t no what was wrong with that they charge us $96.09 and told us to bring it back on Wednesday, and now it smells like burning wiring would you have any idea’s what is wrong? Thanks!

Hey there

I am not familiar with that model vehicle, but from what your email describes I would suspect you probably do have a wiring issue. There might be a fuse or wire that has overheated and done some damage to the wiring system…causing the burning smell.

I’m afraid you will need to have some one take a look under the dash board and see what is going on. This COULD get expensive, so try to get some kind of cost estimate from them before you commit to the repair. They should be able to tell you and approximate guess at how many hours they should need to trace down the problem.

Sorry I cant be more of assistance, but this type of problem will require a mechanic, a wiring diagram and time.


Austin C. Davis

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