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My daughter’s 2000 Nissan Altima’s check light soon light came on. To cut to the chase, my mechanic said it was the oxygen sensor. He replaced it but the light still came on. He said it was the catalytic converter which was under warranty with Nissan. We brought the car to Nissan and after two attempts to shut the light they too agreed it was the catalytic converter.

They replaced it but now after two weeks the light came on again. Any ideas as to what is causing the problem? Should I bring to the car back to Nissan? I know that they will charge me again to have a diagnostic test done on the car. I am so tired of the runaround.

Please reply. Thanks.

Hey Phyllis

The check engine light can come on for many reasons, the oxygen sensor and catalytic convert are two of them. I think I would take the car back to Nissan and tell them you just had the vehicle there for the “same reason” the check engine light. It could be something still stored in the onboard computer system that is causing the light to come on, or there could be a new problem, performing a diagnostic test is the first thing that should be done to determine which is the case.

I would not be mean about it, but I would definitely let the dealership know that they supposedly just repaired the converters in attempt to turn off the light. A little bit of pressure from your end might be just enough to get the problem taken care of without more expense on your end.

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Austin C. Davis

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  1. Balls says:

    I have been plagued with this problem too. It turns out to be from the motor running inefficiently, causing too much pollutants emitting from the exhaust, tripping the sensors to turn on the check engine light. It took me about a year to figure out why the motor was running so inefficiently. I finally figured it out. It’s Ethanol. I’m willing to bet you live in a state that requires the use of Ethanol? You’ll see on gas pumps the message: “May contain up to 10% ethanol” I suspected this was the problem, then when I went on a trip out of state that doesn’t use ethanol. I got gas and the light went off after about 70 miles. I enjoyed not seeing the light for about a week and 4 fill ups, until I returned to New York State. That’s what confirmed it for me. The ironic part is NYS emission inspection requires the light to be off, which means you have to travel to a neighboring state that doesn’t use ethanol to fill up on gas, then return to New York to pass the vehicle inspection. I’ve had to do this twice now in order to get the car to pass inspection. What a pain, the nearest neighboring state is 120 miles away. New York (and probably some other states) need to decide if they want to pollute more with ethanol, or pollute less with enforcing efficient running cars. I guess they think they can have their cake and eat it too?

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