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2000 Nissan Altima SE

Reader Question: Is the original Radiator on a 2000 Nissan Altima SE a 2 Row Core or a 1 Row Core? Is a Copper/Brass Radiator better than an Aluminum one? By the way, which was originally on the car – a Copper/Brass or Aluminum?

My radiator is leaking and I was told it had to be replaced, so I am trying to order another but need to know what originally came with the car.

By the way, I am pushing 270,000 miles.


Hey Rachel,

I do not know off hand if you have a two or one row radiator, probably just a one row. You can drain down some of the coolant in the radiator and look inside to see how many rows of small slits you see inside it.

If a two-row radiator will fit your vehicle, it would allow for better engine cooling. The more rows the more efficient the radiator will be. The problem will be that with more rows of cooling fins inside the radiator the wider the radiator will be and on today’s small engines and small engine compartments making a larger radiator fit the vehicle is sometimes not possible.

You will probably only find an aluminum radiator for this vehicle. That is probably what it came with originally. Copper and brass radiators were common on the larger older vehicles, but just about everything on the road today is made of aluminum which is lighter and cheaper. Aluminum will be fine.

270K miles is awesome!

Austin Davis

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