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2000 Mitsubishi Diamante

Reader Question: I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Diamante with 121,000 miles. Lately, when approaching 60-70 MPH I get a very strong vibration on the right side and what feels like resistance when accelerating.

I changed pads and rotors in the front, no luck. Changed back shocks did not help. I was told my struts are fine. But when I go over any bumps it’s a nightmare (no bouncing, car feels like its riding low)

Could it be my front-end shocks?


Hey Jerry,

Man that sounds very weird! I would get a mechanic to take a test drive with you and feel this problem first hand. Could this be a wheel balance issue?

If you do not experience the vibration at slower speeds, can you drive out of it…meaning is it better at higher speeds over 70MPH? If you can drive out of the vibration, I would rotate and balance all four wheels and see what happens.

If the brakes were “dragging”, the wheel on the side with the vibration would be VERY much hotter to the touch than the other side wheel.

Here is more about it if you think that is the case –

Front-end Alignment Article

Austin Davis

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