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2000 Mazda 626

Reader Question: I have a 2000 Mazda 626. My front passenger door will not unlock either with the remote or with the key.

What could be causing this? How do I fix the problem?


Hey Linda,

If the passenger front door will not unlock with the switch inside the vehicle, I would probably suspect you have a problem with the lock cylinder itself or with the electric door lock motor.

The lock cylinder is the part you put the key in. if it feels hard to turn with the key, or turns real easy with the key you probably have a problem with the lock or the linkage going to the lock.

Put your ear up to the door and operate the lock switch on the passenger door, with the remote and from the master driver door switch. If you can hear, the little motor working inside I would suspect a problem with the lock or the linkage.

If you don’t hear the electric motor clicking or making a buzzing noise when you operate the switch I would suspect you have a lock motor problem in that door.

If the door unlocks ok from the master driver switch, you probably have linkage problem inside the passenger door. You can remove the inside door panel and take a look yourself to see if anything has come loose from the lock cylinder.

There is a tiny electric motor inside each door, which operates the locks.

I am not sure how mechanical you are, but you might be able to replace the motor yourself if you are inclined to do so.

Austin Davis

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