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Jeep Wrangler Heater Fan Not Working

Reader Question: The heater fan on my 2000 Jeep Wrangler does not work. What could be the problem?



Hey Mark,

If the AC and heater blower motor is not working you could have a problem with one of the following:

1. Blown fuse

2. Blower motor relay problem

3. Faulty dash control switch

4. Faulty blower motor itself

5. Wiring problem to the blower motor

Best place to start is to check for power AT the blower motor and go from there. No power at the motor, probably a problem with 1-3, if you have power at the motor then probably a bad blower motor.

The heater blower fan motor and the AC blower motor are the same thing, so if you have cold air blowing out the vents from the AC (or ANY air actually) then you might have a problem with the heater selector switch on the dash.

Austin Davis

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