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2000 Honda Passport

Reader Question: Hi Austin,

You have a great website!

I just purchased a 2000 Honda Passport with 92k. I noticed after running the engine for a few minutes I could smell oil and there was a black liquid substance coming out of the tailpipe (with some white smoke).

Do you have any advice on what to check? Am I in trouble?



Hey Shawn,

Argggg…that does not sound good. Have you read my article about exhaust smoke colors and what they mean?

Exhaust Smoke Colors and What They Mean

I would definitely have a qualified trustworthy mechanic take a look at this smoke and the oil from the tailpipe issue and determine if it’s something of concern or not. Continuing to drive in this condition could do more harm. So get it looked ASAP.

Keep me posted as to what you find out.

Austin Davis

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