2000 Honda Passport – Fuel Mileage

Reader Question: What type of fuel do I use for my 2000 Honda Passport? It has 85,000 miles.

I just bought it used and it did not come with an owner’s manual.

Also, how can I improve its fuel mileage?


Hey Jill,

This question is heavily debated and probably has many answers, all of which could be correct.

Personally, I use the regular grade of fuel in my vehicles, but I buy them from a reliable and recognizable brand like Shell or Exxon. I will sometimes (once or twice a year) add an over the counter gasoline additive which helps to increase the octane rating of the fuel and can help keep your fuel system clean.

Does using higher-grade fuel improve your fuel economy? It could help a small amount but is it worth the added expense?

I have found that for the most part my vehicles run just as good on the cheap grade as they do on the more expensive grade, so I go cheap. Using this cheaper grade fuel does not damage anything, so if your vehicle runs fine on them then use them.

Some vehicles run noticeably better on the higher-octane higher-grade fuels so if your vehicle is one of them you might want to consider the added expense of the higher-grade fuel. I do not think a Honda Passport will run any better with the higher grade.

What I would steer away from is cheap fuel at the corner convenient store gas pump; stick with a high traffic brand name. The more people buying their fuels the fresher the fuel should be.

Austin Davis

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