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2000 GMC Safari Van Automatic Transmission Slow To Reverse

Reader Question Hiya,
I have a 2000 GMC safari 2wd. It is a bit slow to engage into drive or reverse, from any other gear (including P or neutral) cold or hot. Otherwise functions normally. Is my transmission gonna blow up?

Thank You,

Howdy Nicholas,

I would first triple check the transmission fluid level. If it is full, then you probably have an internal wear problem and not much can really be done unless the transmission comes out of the vehicle and torn apart to see what is happening…or not happening.

If this transmission has more than 100,000 miles (or close to it) I would bet you are going to need an overhaul or replacement. The first sign of transmission wear is usually what you describe, which is due to a worn out pump inside the transmission.

You might talk to your mechanic and see if they would even suggest you replace the fluid and the filter…..although there is a chance doing so could make the problem WORSE.

Not sure if you read this article I wrote or not.
Automatic transmission problem

You might also want to call your local GM dealer parts department and see how much a factory rebuild transmission will cost you. You might be able to buy a genuine GM rebuilt transmission (with a national GM warranty) and have your local auto mechanic install it for you and might only cost a few bucks more than having a transmission shop rebuild YOUR transmission.

This route is faster and has a better warranty and is what I would do if I was in your shoes. I have not had much luck dealing with local transmission rebuilding shops.

You might also call a few junk yards in your area just to see what is available used.

Keep me posted.


Austin Davis

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